Day: November 23, 2021

Christmas Attire

  Are you ready for the Holiday Season? If you’re like me your ready to celebrate that we either survived or thrived in 2021.  Thinking about it, I did both.  It’s the season when we spend time with coworkers, friends and family.  Dressing to look fabulous at some occasions and […]

Christmas Plants

  There are many different plants that are involved with making for a cheery Christmas. We hear it in songs, see it on the shelves and even try to sneak kisses under it! Check out these facts about four plants we all associate with Christmas merriment. Poinsettia – Also known […]

Top Skin Care Questions Answered by Brandie Oros, APRN

    Brandie Oros, APRN, from the Skin Cancer & Dermatology Institute answers questions about popular cosmetic dermatology treatments and skin care ingredients. Q: Does hyaluronic acid improve skin complexion?  A: Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring component of the skin that holds 1,000 times its weight in water. When applied topically it […]