Are you ready for the Holiday Season? If you’re like me your ready to celebrate that we either survived or thrived in 2021.  Thinking about it, I did both.  It’s the season when we spend time with coworkers, friends and family.  Dressing to look fabulous at some occasions and be comfortable at others. 

Let’s talk about what trending and what appropriate for your holiday occasions.  The trends! Vintage Holiday looks are definitely in style.  Ladies a chic black outfit with sparkles is on trend. Festive Red scarfs with wellies are findable all over Pinterest.  Fun and Festive Christmas suits are back, or maybe they didn’t leave? 

Halloween saw fun trends with couples’ costumes and competitions.  That same vibe is present in this year’s Christmas and New Year festive attire.  If you’re going as a “couple” you want to have the same vibe.  If she’s rocking a velvet dress, he’s going to want to suit up.  If she’s loving the Rudolf nose and vintage sweater; guys find a great sweater or remove your jacket if you’re coming straight from the office. 

This season seems to sparkle in the stores and on Pinterest.  Sequins, glitter and metallic thread is everywhere.  You don’t have to look the Christmas Tree to be festive.  But a dash of glam can make your look fabulous.  

Tips for the guys: polished shoes, well fitting slacks and a comfortable sweater will get you through the day time events.  You can add a Santa hat for fun! Evening events depends on the invitation.  Office parties usually mean relaxed business attire.  Champagne celebrations take fashion it up a notch, maybe wear “that suit” that’s really too nice for the office.  

Outside! If you event is outdoors, maybe fireworks or a parade.  Give some thought to your outerwear. Dress coats are festive.  Bright or Christmas themed accessories are a great go to for these events. If your lighting sparklers with a wool coat, keep the sparkler away from you and your coat.  Those fantastic sparks can burn little holes in your outerwear. 

Whatever you do this holiday season, I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy your friends and family. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!