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Canyon Benches

Rebuilding in Lamoille Canyon

Rebuilding in Lamoille Canyon Contributed by Friends of the Ruby Mountains Canyon Benches – If you have been up Lamoille Canyon lately you may have noticed the new benches along the road side. These benches were installed by members of the Rotary Club of Elko Desert Sunrise as one of […]

Students, Parents, and Educators!

Our Good Neighbors:  Students, Parents, and Educators! Four years ago I spent every early morning taking my young nephew to elementary school. He was in kindergarten at Northside Elementary and our mornings would be spent in a rush of cars, traffic, kids rushing by to greet friends, and a mad flurry […]


Natural Headache Relief

Natural Headache Relief By Dr. Todd Wendell of Ruby Mountain Chiropractic and The Nectar Nutritional IV Does the current state of the world have you experiencing more headaches than normal? Tension, anxiety, stress… These can trigger headaches in anyone at any time. But there are natural ways to relieve headache […]