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Brown Legacy Award

Brown Legacy Award The American Heart Association honored retired Northside and Grammar Elementary School Physical Education Teacher Mike Brown of the Elko County School District with the creation of the Brown Legacy Award. BreeAna Klekas, his successor and American Heart Association Representative Leland Brandon, who leads the Kids Heart Challenge […]

Tuscarora Pottery School

Tuscarora Pottery School Tuscarora, NV The Tuscarora Pottery School in Independence Valley was founded in 1966. The school sits in a shaded, grassy oasis, surrounded by rugged mountains, clear skies, and vast open spaces. It provides a retreat for local artists looking for inspiration and time to work on their craft. […]

Spring Hikes in the Ruby Mountains

Spring Hikes in the Ruby Mountains Contributed by Friends of the Ruby Mountains Tired of sitting around, ready to get out of the house, and do some hiking? Here are some lower elevation hikes you can access in March. These are easy hikes that are perfect for families to try on […]