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Farming: A Grand Lifestyle In Eureka County, Nevada

Farming: A Grand Lifestyle In Eureka County, Nevada Submitted by Trina Machacek There are over half a million privately owned acres in Eureka County. Most of that land is owned by farmers and ranchers who have lived for generations on their lands, farms and ranches. North of the town site of […]

Fall Porch Decorating

Fall Porch Decorating Happy Fall Y’All !! One thing I love about Living in Northeastern Nevada is the seasons. I love each season we have and when they change, I’m ready for it. Let’s talk about decorating for Fall specifically decorating your porch for Fall I love decorating my porch […]

Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Festival

10th Annual Everything Elko Pumpkin Festival Your 2022 Guide to the Best Weekend of Fall! Article submitted by Katie Krenka What comes to mind when you think of Fall? For me it is crisp leaves with the changing Autumn colors, cozy sweaters, and all things pumpkins! We will have all […]