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Let’s Get Outside for Winter Fun

Let’s Get Outside for Winter Fun Contributed by Friends of the Ruby Mountains There is still plenty of winter left and many opportunities for winter recreation before Spring arrives. Popular activities around Elko County include snowshoeing, photography, skiing, ice fishing, bird watching, and snowmobiling. The ongoing pandemic may change some […]

Off Grid Lidz

Off Grid Lidz My name is Tiffany Donoho and I live up in beautiful Wildhorse, Nevada. My husband John and I have lived up here for about 18 months and lived in Winnemucca prior to that. We moved to Wildhorse after John retired in 2019 and it was then that […]

Aunt Tam’s Family Recipes Cookbook

Aunt Tam’s Family Recipes Cookbook Meet the Author: Tammy Buzzetti I am a crazy busy business owner, wife, mother of three amazing children, and an over the top volunteer who LOVES TO COOK.  My cooking is for the people I love and every recipe has a story, family member, or […]