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Ursula Stanton

Ursula Stanton Northeastern Nevada Featured Artists Contributed by Susanne Kaime Reese Nevada attracts artists with unique talents and sharp technical skills that seem to impart ideas that inspire rare and important work. Ursula Stanton is such an artist. Her esthetic in ceramics is inspired by Korean primitive influences, early Americana, […]

Lynne Kistler

Lynne Kistler Lynne Kistler dedicated her professional life to teaching focused on her love of art. Lynne believes that practicing your art and creativity improve brain function, focus, and the ability to see and remember details. She has researched this topic extensively, and can give you many such examples […]

Peggy Jones

Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist – Peggy Jones Peggy Jones recalls always having been an inspired and creative student of the arts. As with many great artists, her earliest memories are of exploring her creativity under her mother’s guidance and tutelage. Peggy directed her life long love of art into the […]