Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist contributed by Susanne Kaime Reese

Featured Artist Yvonne Colclasure

Featured Artist Yvonne Colclasure loves creating images with oil paints. She always sketches and viewed the world in an artistic manner. When she moved to Elko in 1989, she finally had the time to pursue painting seriously.

She trained her artistic eye by studying images, reading and learning about artists, their styles, techniques, and accomplishments. Of greater importance, Yvonne believed that the secret to becoming a respected artist was in practice and hard work. She has dedicated over thirty years, hours of labor, discipline, and energy in pursuit of her goal, which is to paint Nevada landscapes so people will see the subtle beauty and energy that is often unappreciated and so easily overlooked.

Colclasure remembers a great breakthrough in development of her personal style in 2007 when she began the pursuit of plein air painting, attending a workshop in Virginia City with Jean LeGassick. Painting outdoors opened a whole new world of understanding and creativity. Painting in a natural environment awoke a keen awareness of nature’s visual nuances and ephemeral mysteries.

For many years, Yvonne escaped the harsh Nevada winter to paint in Arizona, which provided her with the opportunity to attend workshops with fabulous artists through Scottsdale Artist School. She credits several respected artists’ workshops with influencing her art education including Linda Gooch, Dan Mieduch, Matt Smith, Kathleen Dunphy, Jennifer McChristian, James Coulter, Joshua Been, David Simons, Phil Starke, Ron Arthaud, and Becky Joy.

Yvonne Colclasure lives by the words of artist Alfredo Rodriguez, who says, “only after you have painted a hundred miles of canvas will you begin to get the hang of it.” Yvonne paints everyday and rarely misses spending at least of few hours at the studio. She says, “As long as I am able, I will be in pursuit of excellence in my paintings and continually seek to grow as an artist. “

Yvonne shares, “My advice to the young artist would be to listen to your heart. Try what interests you. When you find the media that inspires you and challenges you, stick with it. Doing what comes easy doesn’t make you grow. Also, remember, the pursuit of perfection is a dead end road. It is much better to strive for excellence. That goal will stretch you for as long as you live.”

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