Wiegand Gallery

Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist

Contributed by Susanne Kaime Reese

We believe exhibits are an art form. The curator is always searching for a significant theme, philosophy, a multidimensional, and interesting body of work. Art that inspires the curator to want to share with the public. There is a huge amount of work and research dedicated to presenting a perpetual annual art venue. Art tells a story, teaches us lessons, and appeals to our highest levels of reasoning communication, and intelligence. 

Elko is fortunate to be home to several talented exhibit curators and we benefit from their education and expertise when we visit the excellent museums and art galleries in our area. One of my favorite venues in Nevada is the Western Folklife Center and Artistic Director Meg Glaser’s beautifully curated fine art exhibits.

For over 37 years, the Western Folklife Center has produced numerous educational exhibits based on original research and fieldwork with traditional artists and art forms. They have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of talented artists and displaying documentary work of photographers and other visual artists to showcase the creativity, stories and voices from throughout the western United States, and from horse cultures worldwide. This year the Western Folklife Center features several wonderful online exhibits, including Back At The Ranch, Between Grass and Sky, and Portraits of the Gathering. The Wiegand Gallery will present the work of Jack Malotte, an exhibit curated by the Nevada Museum of Art. 

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is an annual celebration of the arts, this year, a virtual tour of ranching and rural West, poetry, music, and stories. Ranch people express the beauty and challenges of a life deeply connected to the earth, and cowboy cultures from around the world. Opportunities to learn a traditional skill, plan for the West’s future with ranchers and conservationists, watch home-made films of rural life, meet new friends, listen to tall tales, dispel myths, build bridges, and to be inspired.


Wiegand Gallery

Western Folklife Center
501 Railroad Street, Elko