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Local Finds – Shop Local Elko

Organic Bug Spray Keep those pesky mosquitoes away. I love that it’s organic to use with kids! In the Rough Wellness at 1500 Lamoille Hwy, Elko Black Rifle Coffee Company Black Rifle Coffee Company…supporting military and police through coffee purchases.  Gun World & Archery at 2516 Noddle Ln, Elko Day […]

Densley Fundraiser

Multi-state Fundraiser has Elko Roots Family. They don’t have to live next door for you to still be close. That was made very apparent to one Elko area family this summer when their granddaughter/niece/cousin was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. Shelby Densley is the daughter of Samantha Schwandt Anderson. […]

Exploring Ruby Lake Refuge

Located at the southern end of Ruby Valley and 65 miles from Elko, Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a great place for an outdoor adventure in September. Once the bed of 200-foot deep Franklin Lake, it is now a network of spring-fed marshes and shallow ponds, meadows, and sage […]