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13th Annual Interfaith Crèche Exhibit featuring the Star of Bethlehem

13th Annual Interfaith Crèche Exhibit featuring the Star of Bethlehem The Elko Regional Interfaith Christmas Crèche Exhibit opens a little early this year. The 13th annual exhibit, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, begins Thursday, November 30 and runs through Sunday, December 3. The interdenominational exhibit is under new leadership this […]

6 Things buyers should know about home warranties

Unless you’ve purchased a brand-new home that includes warranties on the newly installed systems and appliances, there’s no guarantee you’re covered for repair or replacement if something stops working in your new place. One way for buyers of pre-owned homes to protect themselves against the risk of costly repairs is […]

The Changes of Autumn

Contributed by Lois K. Ports for Bristlecone Audubon Chapter Autumn leaf color is a process that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs turning them various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, and brown. During the spring and summer the leaves have served to help produce […]