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The Gadget Guy | Special Hunt Edition

Burnt Point Custom Maps on Silk In a world of technology, gps on your wrist and access to about anything, anytime and almost anywhere, it is nice to take a broad look and sometimes the simple becomes the more impressive gadget. During World War II invasion maps for pilots were […]

Could a cruise vacation be right for you?

Contributed by Sue Bradford of Journey’s Around the World Have you considered a cruise for your next vacation? Cruises continue to be one of the most popular vacations choices today and they are a great way to see a variety of places in one trip. They can also be a […]

Milkweed for Monarchs

Contributed by Lois Ports for the Bristlecone Audubon Chapter Many people may consider the milkweed a weed and remove it from their gardens and property.  Yet the reason for planting and nurturing milkweed flies by in summer and is a favorite of many: monarch butterflies. Milkweed is often found growing […]