Turkey Cannon by Camp Chef
When you think of Thanksgiving, you probably imagine your family sitting down to a perfectly put-together feast of turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, and more. Now picture the hours and stress in preparing a perfect bird. What if it cooks too long or not long enough? What if it’s too dry? Now, thanks to Camp Chef’s Turkey Cannon, you can rest well during the big feast day. The roasting cylinder infuses your turkey with the moisture and flavor of your  favorite beverage or cooking liquid and  cuts the cooking time to a fraction of  what it would normally be. Roast a 12-lb. turkey in less than two hours!  That’s right 2 hours. Check these specs out:
• Cooks poultry in half the time of a conventional oven
• Infuses moisture and flavor
• Durable stainless steel for easy care and cleaning
• Works great with chickens as small as 4 lbs and turkeys as large as 20 lbs

///  Turkey Cannon $25



Litwin Turkey Frying Safety System
Ever heard about the spills and fires associated with frying a turkey? The Litwin Safety System company has and makes turkey frying safer and easier by greatly reducing the risk of fire from spill over. The unique automatic locking mechanism is designed to “brake” instantly should you let go of the accidentally let go of the handle from distraction or being splashed with oil. It safely and securely holds the bird fordraining while you prepare the rest of your meal. The design was made to fit most 30 to 40 quart pots. After all a safe Thanksgiving is what it’s all about anyways!

///  Turkey Fryer $35




King Kooker 4545
This is the King of all KOOKERS. So what you can deep fry your turkey for this special Thanksgiving day, it does so much more. A heavy duty 192,000 BTU jet burner and 70 Quart aluminum pot with hinged lid and basket can handle anything you can put in it. Even the pot and lid can be used for supporting table. Cooking thermometer is included but consider the possibilities with this bad boy!

///  King Kooker $832




Infrared Thermometer
Is it not the most gadgety thing this Thanksgiving day to run around with a laser guided infrared thermometer? Zapping every dish in the house reporting an accurate temp back to the head chef. Is the griddle hot enough for pancakes? Is the oil hot enough for the turkey? Designed to eliminate guesswork, this high-tech thermometer uses infrared technology to precisely gauge the temperature of your cooking surface. Simply point the thermometer at your target and press the trigger and a laser pinpoints the surface temperature, which is indicated on an easy-to-read backlit digital display. Instantly measures the surface temperature of your cookware or grill grates. Also ideal for measuring cooking oil temperatures when shallow frying and sautéing—or use this handy thermometer to get a quick read on the temperature of simmering milk, soups or sauces.
• Gauges temperatures from -49°F to 752°F (-45°C to 400°C).
• Easy-to-read LCD display with blue backlight.
• Non-contact thermometer eliminates cross-contamination.
• Convenient scan-and-hold feature stores your data.

///  Infrared Thermometer $70