Brown Legacy Award

Brown Legacy Award The American Heart Association honored retired Northside and Grammar Elementary School Physical Education Teacher Mike Brown of the Elko County School District with the creation of the Brown Legacy Award. BreeAna Klekas, his successor and American Heart Association Representative Leland Brandon, who leads the Kids Heart Challenge […]

2020 Coats for Kids Drive

2020 Coats for Kids Drive Speechless, grateful, overjoyed, humbled.  It is hard to exactly put into words how appreciative we are yet again for the support of our incredible community for The Shabonya Dutton Coats for Kids Drive. 2020 marked a decade of us asking you to give with your […]

Fostering more love in your life

Fostering more love in your life What gift could be more meaningful this holiday season than the gift of love and family? You might be temporary in their lives. They might be temporary in yours. But there is nothing temporary about the love or the lesson. – Tonia Christle Many kids in […]