Pavilion with pavers

Prior to the COVID-19 Shutdown in March of 2020 the Elko Lions Club was actively planning fundraisers, project and community days to rebuild the Lions Camp in the Lamoille Canyon. The Lions Club Facebook page was overwhelmed with over 10K weekly views and thousands of memories from people across the US and around the world. The memories of the “Pocket of Pretty” in Lamoille Canyon and the devastating destruction of the fire brought back found memories. We were flooded with photographs and encouragement to rebuild. Rebuilding the camp. Became our priority, not only for the Lions Club but for our community. The camp brought people to Lamoille Canyon. The camp increased tourism and helped our local economy. Camp Lamoille was a destination trip for many more people than we realized. Camp Lamoille was free of charge to Lions Camp Dat-So-La-Lee, a camp for 50 disadvantaged or at-risk youth per year from the state of Nevada. Camp Lamoille is an economical choice for countless non—profit organizations, numerous churches, and youth program such as 4-H use the camp annually. Local groups; the Archery Club and Alcoholics Anonymous are annual users of the camp. The gorgeous location was a destination for family reunions and wedding ceremonies, many celebrations of life, and finally we’re anticipating and currently negotiating the use of the facility so that a movie can be filmed there next year. The beauty of Lamoille Canyon coupled with the convenience of a functional camp have brought people from all over the United States and allowed them to experience nature and the great outdoors in a safe and peaceful place.

We just received ARPA funds from the County of Elko!  Thank you! Commissioners!  The $750,000 will be used to fund a dining facility with a full kitchen, additional camping spaces, a fire break, and road access with enhanced accessibility for those with disabilities.

We are confident that the completion of our Dining Facility, along with ADA compliance, will make us a potential destination for many all over the world. Further we look forward to hosting events within our international organization as well.

Completing construction of the proposed camp sites will increase the number of sites available in Lamoille Canyon by 90%. As a result, this provides nearly twice as many people access to full-service camping in the Canyon and the added revenue will allow us to maintain our facilities without ongoing fundraising.  Our current camp calendar runs approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day weather permitting. Upon completion of the expansion plan our camp will operate fully during three seasons of the year (spring-fall weather permitting). This will dramatically increase the number of people we can serve.

How can you help? By becoming a Friend of Camp Lamoille and leaving a visual legacy at the camp.  You can become a part of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Camp Lamoille by purchasing an engraved brick paver.  These pavers are laser engraved with your own message or name.  You can have a brick paver placed in your honor; that of a loved one or friend, a special occasion or in honor of your business. There are 2 sizes and 3 styles of brick pavers to choose from, a 4” x 8” paver for $250.00, or you may choose an 8” x 8” for $500.00.  These pavers will be placed to make a patio in front of the pavilion built over the foundation of the historic Whipple lodge.  You can find more information and an application on the Elko Lion Club Facebook page or by contacting an Elko Lions Club member. 

“From the Ashes – We will Rebuild”.