Month: March 2022

Shed Hunting

Shed hunting. Submitted by Julie Gabrielsonm, Nevada Department of Wildlife The great yearly, scavenger hunt for antlers shed by deer, elk, and moose. After an exhausting rut (mating season) in early winter, males in the elk, deer and moose species experience a significant drop in testosterone levels.  This triggers a specialized […]

Buckaroo Boutique

Hot Picks for Spring!

Hot Picks for Spring! Spring brings new life and new trends in the fashion world! What trends are happening this spring? Some trends that aren’t leaving anytime soon is fringe and leopard print! High waisted jeans, body suits and crop tops are some of the top picks for 2022! Here […]

Anthem Broadband

Redundant Connectivity

Redundant Connectivity Submitted by Nicholas Owings, Anthem Broadband Redundancy Redundancy Redundancy, the word itself is a bit well…redundant, but it plays an important role in the work Anthem Broadband does on a daily basis. Broken down to its most basic principles redundant usually means that something is no longer needed […]