Elko Nevada Coat Drive State Farm – Shabonya Dutton

Supporting the Elko Area Community through generous coat donations. Thank you!

The trees take on hues of amber, and crimson as the warm summer winds turn into biting gusts.  The promise of white dancing snowflakes delights souls who cherish snowball fights, zipping down hills on a disk, or putting the perfect hat on their beloved snowman.  For some though, fall and winter are a dark time.  It is not a time for frolicking and joy, but more a time of stress and despair.  Thoughts of how parents will keep their children and themselves warm may keep them up at night.  Not everyone is able to afford to purchase warm winter clothing each season.  This is where the idea of the Shabonya Dutton Annual Coat Drive was born.

For six years now our office has spearheaded a coat drive to make sure kids throughout Elko County have the winter gear that they need to stay healthy and successful. Each year has been more successful than the previous, with this year being our biggest yet!  In the 2017 coat drive we were able to provide over 100 winter items to children and adults throughout Elko County.  That is over 100 people who no longer have to worry about how they will endure the wait at a bus stop, or the walk home from school.

We would not be able to accomplish any of this without support from everyone in our amazing communities, and some key sponsorships.  We at Shabonya Dutton State Farm would like to take the time to thank all of our drop off locations. Blooms and Grooms, City of Elko Fire Department, and Greater Nevada Credit Union.  Without places for coats to be dropped off at we would not be able to give as much as we do each year.  Thank you all so much for your commitment to our community, and generosity!

In 2017 the out pouring of support from everyone was overwhelming.  We had several businesses who came forward and donated large quantities of coats.  We would not have been able to meet the needs of all of the children and adults on our list without them. Scott and Misty Rogers of Collision Auto Body went above and beyond to make sure we had the coats we needed.  Misty said, “She had so much fun shopping for the kids.” Innovative Advisors also poured their hearts into a huge donation for us this year.  We greatly appreciate each and every donation, from one coat to twenty coats. Everyone who donated this year can know that they helped those in need in Elko County.

A lot of credit needs to go to Communities In Schools (CIS). Without CIS program manager, Leslie Goicoechea and the CIS school site coordinators we would be lost.  Leslie coordinated with each school and made sure that all distributions happened seamlessly.  She also reached out to Vogue Dry Cleaners and received a generous donation from them.  They were able to clean all of our coats before distribution for free. Their kindness ensured that each coat made it to a person in need clean and ready to wear.

Again, we just want to take this moment to give our sincerest thank you. To everyone involved. We cannot wait to see what we can accomplish in 2018!

If you have a good neighbor that you would like to nominate please reach out to Kayla Ozman at 775.738.3423, by email at kayla.ozman.waav@statefarm.com, or by messaging our Facebook page at Shabonya Dutton State Farm Agent.


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