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Gadget Guy November 2019

1    Sig Sauer P365 SAS The P365 set a new caliber for those that love to conceal yet have the capacity. The P365 had an optional 12 round and 15 round clip and the SAS is no different. What is different is that the P365SAS was designed for the […]

Trick or Treat Street

Trick or Treat Street – October 30 & 31 4-8pm at the Elko Convention Center Communities In Schools of Northeastern Nevada is honored to announce that they have been hard at work organizing Trick or Treat Street 2019. This will be CIS’s first year working alongside the Elko Convention Center, […]

Succulent Pumpkin Planters

Contributed by Tosha Kerby Step # 1. Choose your pumpkin! Have fun with this step. You can choose a Real or a styrofoam one, a tall skinny or a short round, orange or white! Whatever speaks to you! The steps are the same no matter which you choose. Note: If […]