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Let’s Get Outside for Winter Fun

Let’s Get Outside for Winter Fun Contributed by Friends of the Ruby Mountains There is still plenty of winter left and many opportunities for winter recreation before Spring arrives. Popular activities around Elko County include snowshoeing, photography, skiing, ice fishing, bird watching, and snowmobiling. The ongoing pandemic may change some […]

Ice Fishing Elko County

Contributed by Joe Doucette, Nevada Department of Wildlife For those of you who have never ice fished, you are in for a surprise. It is relaxing, quite easy and much more social than its warm weather cousin. Contrary to popular myth, ice anglers can use pretty much the same gear that […]

Wintering Tundra Swans

Wintering Tundra Swans Contributed by Lois Ports for Bristlecone Audubon Chapter  On wintry days, flocks of North America’s most numerous swan gather on lakes, reservoirs and estuaries. They are known to stopover at Southfork Reservoir and the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. During flight there is a characteristic whistling in […]