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Plan your Winter Getaway

It’s not too soon to be planning your Winter Getaway Oh, September, how did you get here so soon?  But still here we are, classes are back in session and families are returning to their “normal” schedules (or at least we’d like to think so!). During the remainder of these long summer […]

Cool Canyon Evenings

Cool Canyon Evenings

Cool canyon evenings, interesting talks and s’mores The Friends of the Ruby Mountains have a goal of improving the enjoyment of visitors to the Ruby Mountains, through educational and recreational events. During this summer, they are putting on five campground talks at the Thomas Canyon Campground. They man an information […]

Protect our Species

Nature’s gifts to our planet are the millions of plant and animal species that we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered.  The Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (NDCNR) is helping to educate communities about the many wonders of Nevada’s native species, and strategies […]