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Is Back Pain Hurting your Career?

Contributed by Dr. Todd Wendell of Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Center Feeling the tension of work starting to affect you physically? Try to reduce stress by exercising regularly, drinking enough water and practicing breathing exercises. Low back pain, more commonly associated with jobs involving physical labor, is now afflicting an increasing […]

Good Neighbor: Jill Schultz

Shabonya Dutton’s Good Neighbor for August 2017 Jill Schultz Contributed by Shabonya Dutton of State Farm, written by Kelsie Creamer Laughter spilled from every corner of my office during the hour that I spent with Jill Schultz.  Moments of chair dancing, singing, and telling jokes led me to the conclusion […]

Micro-Chips: the most reliable prevention of homeless pets

Contributed by Katrina Cuming, LVT Many pet owners have gone through the stress and pain of having a pet go missing. There is nothing worse than not knowing if you will ever see your little fur baby again. Microchips are a form of permanent identification that provides owners with some […]