Month: June 2023

Rock Hounding in Elko County

Rock Hounding in Elko County Submitted by Alyssa Cumpton Staring up at the majestic Ruby Mountains, it’s hard to fathom the geologic processes that gave rise to such towering monoliths. Millions of years ago, much of Nevada was submerged under ancient seas. The collisions of tectonic plates gave rise to […]

Art in the Park 2023

Art in the Park 2023 Article and photos by Tess King Come on down and join us for the 42nd annual Elko Art in the Park event hosted by the Elko County Art Club (ECAC).  This year the event will be held Saturday July 8th and Sunday July 9th 9am-4pm […]

Lavender Daze

Lavender Daze Submitted by 2 Wild Poppies Beneath lavender’s sweet facade is a tough, drought-tolerant perennial that is every gardener’s dream.  Lavender is most famously cultivated in the sweeping fields in the South of France, where it turns the summer landscape into a patchwork of purple.  But you don’t have […]