Let’s Spruce up our homes for Spring!

Submitted by Iolanda Gillins, Event & Décor Concepts

Punxsutawney Phil may say that we have six more weeks of winter I’m really hoping that little rodent is wrong. The calendar says spring starts March 21st so with that in mind let’s spruce up our home hopefully we will be ready for Spring when the weather matches the calendar we can go outside and enjoy the spring weather after a very long snowy cold winter.


Here are 15 tips to get ready for spring.

  1. Spring cleaning is a great place to start.
  • time to wash those windows and screens.
  • wipe down your baseboards and your door jambs.
  • clean out your pantries.
  • start putting away the heavy boots and coats but not too far away because we still can’t have some inclement weather.
  • hopefully you can put away the snow shovels the ice melt the Kitty litter and anything else that helps you get out of the snowbank.
  • I hope this goes without saying but if you have any holiday decor out still that can be put away.
  • If the snow has melted take your Christmas lights off your home if they’re not a permanent fixture.
  • Replace your front door welcome mat with something new and fresh.
  • Clean off the front porch and entry way.
  1. Fold up and put away your heavy blankets and bedding, maybe replace any bedding that is tattered or worn out. You can keep these things in a large basket or trunk so they are easily accessible in case we have a chilly day, night or week.
  2. Change out your decorative pillows on your sofa and bed, opt for some lighter colors and textures.
  3. Check on your house plants do they need to be repotted? What about planting some starter plants and herbs for your garden?
  4. Refresh your homes fragrance, start by opening the windows and letting the fresh air in and when it’s time to close the windows add a fresh fragrance it could be citrus, lavender, or lilac whatever you enjoy that is fresh and light.
  5. Buy yourself fresh flowers, cut stems always brighten up the home.
  6. Start looking for lighter recipes, make freezer meals for those busy spring and summer nights.
  7. Change your water and air filters.
  8. Service your lawn tools, lawn mower, trimmer, ect.
  9. Get your outdoor furniture out and clean it up.
  10. Get your propane tanks filled for the outdoor grill.
  11. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  12. Stock up on sunscreen
  13. Plan summer vacations and camping trips
  14. Get outside and enjoy the longer days’ time changes on March 12th fresh air does a mind, body, and soul good.

Spring, a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.