Student Spotlight

We are excited to share a joint effort we have been working on! For the Fall of 2022 Kinross Bald Mountain and Everything Elko collaborated on a student project at SCHS with the graphic design class students. We provided the students with a real world opportunity to create an ad for Kinross Bald Mountain to be featured in Everything Elko. We met with the students and discussed the background of design and building an ad and the differences related to print advertising. The students were provided the brand standards of Kinross and beyond that were given creative flexibility to design an ad that was important to them. The results are truly amazing! This year we will be featuring several of the ads in a student spotlight each month that will be continuing through 2023. Join us each month to meet new students from SCHS, appreciate their amazing talents, and learn about the stories behind their ads. 

We hope this gets your creative juices flowing! If you are a local business owner, how could you collaborate and partner with a high school class to share talents and expand the educational experience of the youth of our community?

Alessandra Lozoya

My name is Alessandra Lozoya and I am a senior at Spring Creek High School. I enjoy a lot of creativity-based activities like writing and drawing, but I found myself to like digital art a lot more. So much that I am hoping to go to college in Utah to further my education in it. Ever since I could remember, I always relied on art to keep my spirits high and I honestly don’t see myself anywhere else without it. There is just an unlimited amount of things that you can convey with art and that’s one of the many reasons why I love it.

I came up with this advertisement revolving around the concept of sustainability. A lot of Nevadans love nature and they definitely spend a lot of their time in it, so it’s important to be able to preserve that as much as possible. Kinross has a goal to respect nature and they definitely deliver. They are able to leave a mine site basically looking untouched, and that’s definitely something that our community respects.

The meaning that I am trying to convey with my ad is showing how much Kinross does when it comes to sustainability. One second, there is a mine site full of busy workers and trucks carrying loads of materials, and the other is a beautiful piece of land where animals can roam freely. I used a piece of blueprint to represent Kinrosses work that is done over an area of land, and comparing it to how it looks after it has been reconstructed. The slogan I chose also reflects that concept because Kinross is definitely a “piece” of nature.