Fall Porch Decorating

Happy Fall Y’All !! One thing I love about Living in Northeastern Nevada is the seasons. I love each season we have and when they change, I’m ready for it.

Let’s talk about decorating for Fall specifically decorating your porch for Fall I love decorating my porch for fall.  I love pulling up to my home and being greeted with the colors of fall its so cozy and very welcoming for you and your guests.

Seasonal fall holiday decorating. Front door autumn decor.

Here are 5 tips when decorating your porch for Fall.

Remove everything from your porch and give it a good scrubbing

  • Sweep your porch off don’t forget to look up.
  • Clean your porch light
  • Do you need a new door mat
  • Clear away any dying plants

Come up with a theme or color scheme here are some ideas

  • Traditional – orange pumpkins corn stalks orange leave garland and black crows with a happy fall door mat.
  • Colorful – orange, green pumpkins, yellow and burgundy mums more is more here.
  • Rustic- corn stalks, white mums’ white pumpkins, wheat grass, rusty décor an old chair
  • Halloween of course if you love Halloween go all out!! Try witches’ hats hung from the porch or ceiling, a skeleton sitting in a chair holding a pumpkin, a witch’s broom in the corner. The sky is the limit here.

Once you have your theme, have fun, and decorate your porch. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

  • Do you have a wine barrel you could put your pumpkins or mums in?
  • A chair you could stack pumpkins on or place for a mum
  • You could wrap corn stalks in a coordinating ribbon.
  • You could go to a thrift store and look for a coordinating or neutral throw put it in a box, or a bucket then put a pumpkin on it.

Places you can find fall décor

  • Costco has the biggest most beautiful mums. You can also find mums at Walmart, Home Depot and just about any grocery store.
  • Pumpkins you can find these at most grocery stores if you want to go the faux route look at Joann’s just make sure you put them in a protected area, so they don’t blow away.
  • Bales of straw, always a great base. Any craft store or Walmart.
  • Fall themed welcome mats amazon has a great selection
  • Thrift stores you never know what you’ll find
  • Antique stores are a great place to find fun things such as chairs, wagons, wheel borrows etc…

Last tip. Don’t put anything outside on your porch that you don’t want to be ruined by the elements. Its not uncommon to have rain, and snow in September-November.

I hope you enjoy decorating your porch for Fall.

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