Elko Ice Hockey

Article Submitted by Susan Kole

For more information visit www.elkohockey.com

The year is 1996 and a small group of hockey enthusiasts are determined to bring Hockey to Elko. Ice Hockey was a dream, but it wasn’t quite obtainable at the time. An inline program was determined to be the best way to start until the league grew enough to move to ice.

With the assistance of community members and the City Parks Department, hockey in Elko began as an inline program based out of Southside Park. The conditions were rough but the love for the game carried them through.

Seven years later Elko Hockey Association banded together with other organizations and purchased the old Nevada Ice building. Through their combined efforts the Igloo Rec Center was created and the Elko Hockey Association moved indoors. For almost 20 years a multitude of volunteers have given countless hours to develop a program and build a community within those walls, sharing the love of Inline Hockey with everyone 5 and up … until now.

Twenty-size years of hard work and effort, the dreams of those enthusiasts are finally becoming reality in 2022. This winter Elko Hockey players will be hitting the ice. 

The most amazing part of this story isn’t about hockey or the sport. Elko Hockey Association is, and always has been, completely volunteer run. Elko Hockey Association, The Igloo Rec Center, and the Ice Rink are the result of our community as a whole selflessly giving money, time, labor and other donations to achieve something wonderful for our community. It’s a beautiful representation of what our community is and the things we can achieve together.

Elko Hockey is excited to see what the future holds and to watch our league grow even more. We can’t thank those of you that have helped us achieve this enough. You are truly amazing.

For more information about the league or if you are interested in registering for Ice Hockey, please visit www.Elkohockey.com or follow us on FB @elkohockeyassociation.