Hi, Elko County!  My name is Rick Whittington & I have been teaching tennis in Elko for over a year now.

My background in tennis spans over 45 years, starting with Div. 1 tennis scholarships, playing on the qualifying tours, and working with some of the world’s best players. As a United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), certified teaching professional, and recently certified as a “SafeSport Coach” I am excited to bring more tennis opportunities to our community!

 When I arrived in Elko just over a year ago, I immediately started a campaign to bring more tennis to Elko. I have now placed tennis intramurals in both High Schools, taught over 360 students at Adobe Middle school, and currently have increasing numbers of youth in all of my Summer Tennis Camps. The summer camps have more than quadrupled in attendance from last summer to this summer!  It is so awesome to see this program growing at this rate!  I am thrilled to be growing an additional opportunity for youth to participate in local sports.  Playing tennis has so many advantages.

Here are just ten reasons to learn/play tennis: * These claims have had medical reviews

  1. To get fit – Burn more calories, and lose weight. One hour of singles can burn up to 870 calories per hour
  2. Live longer – Playing just 3 hours per week can reduce your risk of heart disease by 56%
  3.  Strengthen heart, muscles, and bones – Compared to other sports, tennis players have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease
  4.  Develop hand-eye coordination – Playing tennis involves several skills that all contribute to good eye-hand coordination
  5. Enjoy time exercising with family and friends – Great for the whole family, no matter what is your age? Minimal equipment is needed.
  6. Develop teamwork (doubles) and sportsmanship – From doubles play to team play tennis develops your ability to communicate and work together.
  1. Improve social skills – Tennis outperforms all other sports in developing positive personality characteristics.
  2. Reduce stress – Tennis helps you to deal with physical, mental, social, and emotional challenges.
  3. Increase brain power – From alertness to tactical thinking tennis enhances the neural connections in your brain. Children who play tennis regularly have better grades.
  4. Learn to solve problems – Tennis is a sport that is based on evaluating angles, geometry, and physics to get the best results, which translates to better problem-solving off the court.

Tennis is a sport that can be learned at a young age and, unlike other sports, played for a lifetime.  But if you haven’t tried it yet and would like to start playing, I offer clinics and private lessons for ALL ages & ALL ability levels.  I would love to help you learn how to play The Sport of a Lifetime, tennis!  You can contact me via phone/text (435-669-1178) or email (  I’m always here and happy to answer any questions you may have.

I am looking forward to serving our great community & bringing more athletic opportunities to youth & adults!

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts.


Rick Whittington, U.S.P.T.A.  I.P.T.P.A.
Safe Coach Certified