• Set specific & realistic goals

Setting realistic goals doesn’t mean those goals can’t be big- just remember to stick in the realm of possibility. If your goal is to run a marathon this year then it might be helpful to map out the steps to get you to your goal, such as making a running schedule for yourself each week. Being specific and realistic is important in reaching those big goals. 

  • Small Steps lead to success

Even if you have big goals, it’s the small steps every day that will get you there. Making small changes consistently will keep you from feeling overwhelmed with your goal too, especially if you feel it’s a big one that includes a lifestyle change. Once you’ve mastered one small change, move on to the next one. Consistency is key. 

  • Hold yourself accountable 

Holding yourself accountable to reach your goal makes all the difference. Putting in the work every day, and making sure you do so, will propel you towards your goal, not away from it. You can make sure you are holding yourself accountable in different ways, whether that means working out with a buddy, hiring a personal trainer, checking into the gym every day, keeping a food journal, or broadcasting to your friends and family about your goal. Accountability leads to self-discipline. 

  • Track your progress

Tracking your progress will not only keep your mind on your goal but will also give you the feeling of success as you continue to work towards your goal. Tracking will also keep you aware if you have any setbacks, which are a normal part of goal setting. Just don’t let those setbacks keep you from staying positive about your goal and getting back on track!

  • Have a plan

Setting goals is great but they won’t work unless you do. Having a step-by-step plan to get to you to your goal will help you track your progress and hold you accountable to achieve your goal as well. After all, a goal without a plan is more like a wish. 

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