Sing, Fly Soar — Like a Bird!

Submitted by Lois Ports for Bristlecone Audubon

“Sing, Fly, Soar — Like a Bird!” is the theme of the 2021 World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD), the only international education program that celebrates the migration of hundreds of bird species between their nesting habitats in North America and wintering grounds in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. This activity engages participants at more than 700 locations from Argentina to Canada. We will explore how to identify birds, how to connect with them, and the beauty of their songs, the mysteries of migration, and the astounding power of flight. Over 86 million Americans enjoy the pastime of birdwatching.  

With approximately 10,400 bird species globally and approximately 900 bird species in the United States, birds are ambassadors of the natural world. They help us connect with nature and understand the interconnections among all things. They sing. They fly. They are architects and acrobats. They are the only remaining wild animals to carry on in abundance despite development. They live in every habitat from urban to rural. Birding can take place in a city or in the wild, and birds can be watched from windows and in back yards.

Locally, the Bristlecone Audubon Chapter is offering a field trip to celebrate the joy of birding. This is a field trip that has been done multiple times over the past 10 years with great success. We will meet at the intersection of Lamoille Highway and Lower Lamoille Road at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 8, 2021. At this point people can decide if they wish to use their own vehicle or car pool with others especially if everyone in the vehicle has had their COVID vaccinations.  Mark and Lois Ports will be in the lead vehicle. They will stop at multiple locations to stop and bird.  Our route takes us through sagebrush steppe, pinyon-juniper woodlands, riparian areas and agricultural fields.  The morning portion of the trip will end at the Lamoille Grove.  Here people can relax and eat lunch and of course do some bird watching.  For those still wanting more birding we will drive to South Fork State Recreation Area where we will be able to pick up waterfowl species and hopefully some raptors. SFSRA does require a $5 per vehicle fee.  Wear sturdy walking shoes or boots, and dress for the weather. Bring water, lunch, binoculars and spotting scopes and cameras are optional. 

This is a great opportunity for both beginners and advanced birders. Everyone helps identify the birds.  Discussions will be held as we look for field markings, listen for songs and watch behaviors to help us identify the birds.  Families with children are welcome but all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. It will require times of silence as we stealthily approach areas where we expect to find birds.  Be aware that there are no restrooms facilities except at Lamoille Grove and South Fork.