Featured Artist: Wynette Beckett

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Wynette Beckett

Art in Oils, Etc.

Wynette was born, raised and has resided in northeastern Nevada most of her life. She was exposed to oil painting at an early age in 4-H by her grandmother. It would be many years before she was able to get set up and begin painting on her own. Starting out with the wet-on-wet technique, her style gradually became more realistic. Her first love was oils but due to allergic reactions, she was forced to branch out into different mediums such as watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, graphite pencil and acrylic. Recently she has discovered water-soluble oils.

Being basically self-taught, she enjoys playing with light and painting animals into landscapes. Wynette likes Nevada’s spacious openness and says the various types of terrain, ever-changing skies, and the wide variety of plant and animal life are an unending buffet of inspiration. She paints a variety of subjects: florals, landscapes, wildlife and seascapes. Wynette also paints on sawblades and dots on molded rocks. She says her gift for painting is God-given and hopes that in some small way she can capture what the Master Painter has created and bring an awareness that the Lord can be clearly seen through His creation.

Wynette has received several awards at county fairs and art shows including grand champions and best of shows. She taught classes for several years in California and Nevada. Her work is in homes in Oregon, California, Arizona, Illinois, Idaho, Washington and Nevada.

She can be contacted at 775.340.3652.

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