Off Grid Lidz

My name is Tiffany Donoho and I live up in beautiful Wildhorse, Nevada. My husband John and I have lived up here for about 18 months and lived in Winnemucca prior to that. We moved to Wildhorse after John retired in 2019 and it was then that my journey really began with design and photography. 

When John decided to retire, we didn’t hesitate to plan to move to our off-grid cabin, full time! I myself wasn’t even close to retirement age and it honestly made me uneasy wondering what I was going to do up at Wildhorse. Living in a mountain-off-grid home everyday is a whole new experience to say the least, and sometimes, a full time job! Nobody wants a full time job that doesn’t pay! My mission then was to figure out what I was meant to do living up at Wildhorse that not only fed my soul, but maybe paid a few bills too. 

My passion for taking pictures grew as we settled into our new home. Although I’m from Idaho, Northeastern Nevada has stolen my heart and moved me in ways I never knew possible. I wanted to capture that magic the best I could. The pictures I take reflect what we see on our journeys all over this area and I found that sharing those pictures with people made them smile; and me too.  

Design has also become another passion for me. I love the idea of someone wearing or using something with one of my custom designs on it that connects to them in some way. Why not make a business out of those two passions? Needless to say; a few months after moving up here, OffGridLidz and Wildhorse Photography were officially born! 

As of today, I‘ve designed two websites dedicated to showcasing my photos and custom gear, have an Etsy store, am currently working on getting on Amazon and Ebay and hopefully one day, will have my pictures and gear in stores from Nevada to Idaho! 

Nevada is our home and we love it!

Thank you,