How to CRUSH your Fitness Goals This Month

Submitted by Yesenia Haggard manager and fitness instructor at Performance Athletic Club

#1 Write Them Out

Writing out your goals is very much like writing a to-do list. You have a list of things that you want to achieve and it’s a daily reminder to work towards them.

#2 Work On Them Daily

Daily may seem excessive but the reality is that the more you work towards them the more of a habit they will become.

#3 Have An Accountability Partner

Your goals are still yours, your accountability partner is simply there for the ride. They are there to root for you to keep going when you are at your best, and help you work through all the hardships when you are at your lowest.

#4 Don’t Obsess

It’s important to have a meaningful relationship with your goals, but the one thing you don’t want to do is obsess over them. Because when you do that, reaching the goal becomes a matter of achieving it just so that you can say you did it, and less of the reason you set the goal to begin with.

#5 Now Get Out There And CRUSH IT !!!!



From time to time, people have said these words to me… “I wish I had your motivation to work out.”⁣

Here’s a hard truth…I’m not more motivated than you are. My secret sauce is self-discipline.⁣



Half the time, I don’t “feel” like working out and truly lack the motivation to hop on that cycling bike or drive my butt to yoga. So when I’m feeling unmotivated I fall back on discipline.⁣

Discipline is about consistency, doing something on a regular basis, whether you feel like doing it or not. Discipline is habitual. It needs repetition to propel itself. You might think motivation is what you need to get you started, but discipline will lead you to taking the first step towards action.⁣

Are you wondering HOW to cultivate more self-discipline? Here are some routines that have been working for me…⁣

Schedule my workout and train with a personal trainer once a week. Not a huge Rachel Hollis fan here, but one of her quotes REALLY slapped me in the face…”Never break a promise to yourself.” 

Fuel my body.⁣

This means staying well hydrated and eating whole, unprocessed foods 80% of the time. That other 20% is for pizza, pasta, ice cream, and cake.⁣ Let’s be real, enjoy life with portion control.

⁣Prepare the night before.

If I’m taking an early morning class, I lay out my clothes and pack my bag with whatever else I might need so when I wake up I can go on autopilot.⁣

Do something I love, but not TOO much of it.⁣ Yoga, barre, pilates, indoor cycle, combat, and strength training are my jam. If it involves running or dancing, I’m out. Lately, I’ve learned how to cycle synch my workouts, which has been a game changer. This means more HIIT workouts during the first half of my cycle and more yoga during the second half.⁣