Aunt Tam’s Family Recipes Cookbook

Aunt Tam’s Family Recipes Cookbook

Meet the Author: Tammy Buzzetti

I am a crazy busy business owner, wife, mother of three amazing children, and an over the top volunteer who LOVES TO COOK. 

My cooking is for the people I love and every recipe has a story, family member, or tradition behind it. 

I hope you all love them as much as my family and I do. I am blessed to live in a beautiful ranching community at the base of the majestic Ruby Mountains, but it’s a 10-mile drive to the nearest grocery store and that can be a real pain. I have learned to improvise a lot in recipes, and my sister says I can make an amazing meal out of nothing. I was motivated to write this cookbook when members of my family and friends were always asking me over and over for my recipes. But to put them down on paper with exact amounts of ingredients proved to be challenging. Yep, I am one of those cooks that puts some of this, a little bit of that and voilà! Dinner! So I did a test run on all these recipes and wrote down the amounts, but feel free to add your personal touch, a little of this or some of that, as you please. With our busy lives we need flexible recipes, or make it exactly how its  written either way, I know it will turn out amazing and before you know it your family will be asking you for the recipes. I love preparing these recipes for and with my family and friends. I hope you love doing the same. 

I decided to retail some items I love alongside my cookbook. Sourdough crocks with the recipe for sourdough starter on a recipe card inside. Adorable vintage aprons, cast iron pans with the bronzed state of Nevada on the bottom, fun dish towels and wooden spoons, tea containers, Nevada shaped cutting boards, and adorable cookie cutters. These items are all available through the Folklife Center in Elko. The Cookbooks are also available at JM Capriola’s, Western Gear Museum, Northeastern Nevada Museum. Online through Goodreads, Amazon, and most major book stores. I am so very thankful for all the love and support from everyone who loves the Cookbook. It is truly a blessing, Tammy

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