Tam Foree

Contributed by Susanne Kaime Reese

Tam Foree has called Nevada home for 35 years, and taught Elementary Art for the Elko County School District for most of those years. Her passion for creative expression has been communicated to countless students who have prospered because of Tam’s influence. She has forever changed the lives of her students by opening their eyes to the world of art. Tam has helped them connect to a visual way of expressing what is important, each in their own unique and creative way. Using art mediums instead of words and communicating their voice to the world. 

There has to be a reason for an artist to paint or why paint at all? Spring Creek artist, Tam Foree’s reason to paint is simply to enjoy and share her appreciation of nature’s beauty. Tam loves our gorgeous Nevada landscapes and as you can tell by looking at her paintings here, they depict panoramic skies stretching far into the distance, a beaver dam built along Lamoille creek, nature, and wildlife. 

Tam’s medium of choice is oil paint as she finds the nature of paint and pigments harmonize with her temperament, allowing her to work at her own pace before the paint begins to dry. Tam says that she will never stop discovering and learning new ways to use paint because painting has an infinite learning curve. 

She can paint alla prima, finishing a painting in one sitting. Or create an image by under-painting a layer and letting the paint dry completely before beginning the following layers. Tam will add as many semi-transparent or transparent layers as she desires to create amazing depth in the work.

Tam’s artwork was honored by the city; chosen as the award for recipients of the 2018 Mayors Art Awards. Her contribution to the Elko Boot Project is on display at the Courthouse. 

You can currently enjoy Tam Foree artwork at the Northeastern Nevada Museum and the Western Folklife Center. Tam hopes her work will inspire and encourage everyone to better appreciate the natural world and its’ beauty.


If you are a Northeastern Nevada Artist, and wish to share your art and story, please email susannereese@earthlink.net