Black Ovis Flashlight

The flashlight everyone needs! This flashlight has the power of a spotlight compressed into the size of a regular flashlight. You won’t lose it like all those other small flashlights, but it’s still small enough to go into your day pack.

 /// Flashlight $39.99


Glow in the Dark Rope

Perfect for all those nights when you are going from the campfire to your tent and you continue to trip over your tent’s tie-down strings.

 /// Tent Rope $11.95



VEZO Smart Dash Cam

The Dash Cam offers 360 degree and is magnetic so you can easily mount it anywhere on your vehicle. It gives you a sense of security when driving, that if an accident happens you will have proof that you did nothing wrong. 

 /// Dash Cam $349



Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

You can get them at Walmart. You don’t have to worry about needing new batteries with this solar powered lantern. Leave it out in the sun while you are away from camp hiking a new trail or hauling the heavy load from a successful hunt and you’ll have all the light you’ll need that evening.

 /// Inflatable Lantern $15.88


Tactical Seat Covers

Anyone with a Jeep or the new Bronco would love this. Keep all our gear confined to the appropriate space without having to worry about it falling out of your vehicle when you hit those bumpy roads. Take all those things on the floor of your truck and get them organized into these seat covers.

 /// Seat Covers $69.47




Designed and owned by Elko’s own, Joel Williams. This Bino isn’t as bulky as you might think and has a detachable hand warmer that comes in handy for those cold days spent glassing for your trophy, but can easily be removed for your summer archery hunt. It has plenty of room for all your necessities from your rangefinder to your headlamp and obviously a separate compartment for your optics. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!!