Susanne Kaime Reese

Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist

Susanne Reese

Susanne Reese has been responsible for management of art galleries and cooperative galleries, where she was curated exhibits and supervised large volunteer art projects and classes. Having served on the Boards of the Water Street District Business Association, Henderson Art Association, and Elko County Art Club, Susanne was able to apply her experience with redevelopment programs, and cultural community awareness campaigns. Her diverse career experiences include public education, public and private recreation management, special events, fundraising, and coordination of food and meeting services. Moving to Elko five years ago brought it all together, when she realized her skill set was needed to help create more art and education outreach opportunities within northeastern Nevada.

By organizing Community Partners, volunteers that share the mission and goals of education outreach, Susanne was able to bring together people from all walks of life, to provide free art, science, and history education projects for the community. She helped unite people who honor the arts and who understand the importance the arts can be to families and students. Susanne implemented and hosted the Water Street District ARTsWALK, a monthly food, music and vendor art gathering. Planning family projects for Public Lands Day, Pioneer Christmas, Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group, Clean Up-Green Up, NDF Plant Sales, Sage-Grouse Experience, the California Trail Center, convention and community events, mark her calendar.

Susanne works in the photographic medium, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and multi-media. Telling a story is her personal exhibit style. For example, she and her husband exhibited “What’s Still Western About Nevada” at the Churchill County Museum in Fallon. Susanne has exhibited her work in many venues in Nevada including: the California Trail Interpretive Center Southfork Library Gallery, Northeastern Nevada Museum, Clark and Lincoln County libraries, Multi-Gen Gallery at Liberty Point, Mayor’s Gallery in Las Vegas, Big Springs Theater Gallery in the Spring’s Preserve, Lloyd George Federal Courthouse, the College of Southern Nevada galleries, and the Las Vegas Art Museum.

Susanne’s personal goal has always been to expand the number of exhibit opportunities in Nevada. She has participated with the Nevada Arts Council BRX, Basin to Range project for the past two years. Her recent projects included organizing an Elko Centennial Art Exhibit which allowed many new artists and students an opportunity to exhibit their work. She hosts art and children’s history programs throughout the year at the California Trail Interpretive Center and recently curated their annual exhibit “Nevada Wild 2020” an artist’s interpretation of Nevada.