1  |  Loadout GoBox 30 by Yeti
From the company that took a $30 cooler and turned it into a revolution of high end expensive, food protecting, meat saving devices that we could not do without comes a simple storage box that you will no doubt want and even pay the outrageous price like you did for that first Yeti cooler. The Loadout Gobox 30 is a glorified bin you could find at Home Depot but has a divider and mesh “Pack Attic” and caddy. It kinda resembles a Yeti cooler without the foam injected thick wall but still has the price. Heck, buy two, its just a Yeti! White, Desert Tan or Charcoal.

///  Loadout GoBox 30     $249


2  |  Casio G-Shock GWRB1000
In the theme of taking something very inexpensive and reviving it, Casio will not let their GShock die. With hundreds of models and iteration this G-Shock tips the higher end of the price scale of all the models due to its incorporation of carbon and titanium. From GRAVITYMASTER this G-Shock was designed for the severe environments faced by pilots. Bluetooth connectivity or a time signal automatically adjusts time to always be accurate no matter where you are.

///  Casio G-Shock $800




3  |  The Pod by 8 Sleep
Technology and beds never used to be a thing until it was. You cannot buy a bed without serious technology infused into it somehow. The Pod by 8 Sleep is no different yet takes technology to a whole new level. We have been big fans of the ChiliPad for sleep temperature as a mattress overlay but The Pod has this type of tech built in. Truly a cooling or heating mattress that ranges from 56-110 degrees. This is not just a “cooling foam” layer, it circulates water in a layer to truly run temps down to cool the hot sleeper or warm up the cold one. Two separate zones for couples are controllable via smartphone as well as sleep tracking sensors that will adjust temperatures to make sure you stay asleep and gradually wake you up when you want or should wake up. All this tech and a great viscoelastic foam mattress that does not hold you to a proprietary base that the mattress must have or voids the warranty.

///  The Pod   $1995


4  |  KUIU Pro Bino Harness
Somebody once thought these straps on my binoculars suck. Then a revolution of creating a workstation on your chest while you hunt. KUIU continues to innovate off their flagship bino harness that hit the market by storm as one of the most functional pieces a hunter/explorer could wear. Their latest version adds a mesh pocket on the rear, velcro attachment on the bottom to handle their accessory pouch or bullet holder for quick access to rounds as needed. A new zippered pocket on the front side for small accessories and a new molded insert to keep debris from easily entering the main Bino area. As if this wasn’t enough, the harness now integrates with their Pro Hydration rig, a small backpack for quick light attacks or hikes. The Harness sold out quick but re-released in late August, get yours before their gone again.

///  Kuiu Harness     $99