Dock 6 pottery
Dock 6 Pottery offers unique designs combining fused glass and pottery to evoke a sensation of the natural world.
Comforts of Home 2210 Idaho Street, Elko




BBQ Rubs
Variety of flavors.
IFA Country Store 390 30th Street, Elko




Fresh made sushi prepared at Albertsons.
Albertsons 2582 Idaho Street, Elko 




Fresh Flower Bouquet
Locally grown flowers available at the Farmers Market.
Sun Kissed Farm Flowers Downtown Elko




Shishito Peppers!!!
Need I say anything more! I buy them by the pound! Pan fried with a sprinkle of salt and I can’t get enough!!! Available at your local farmers market on Saturdays!
Night Owl Farms  Downtown Elko



Sunflower Sprouts
There really isn’t anything I love more than fresh veggies!!!! These sunflower sprouts are amazing and available at the farmers market.
Gardenzilla Produce Downtown Elko