State Farm’s Good Neighbor MAY 2019

Paul Satonin

Paul was born on George Air Force Base in Victorville, CA in 1964. He lived there until he was three with his family when they moved to Panama and he learned everything that is important to know about life in the rain forest.  He was able to take in life among the monkeys, flowers, birds, trees, rain, and everything in between. The most amazing day he had was on weekend his dad took his entire family out on a picnic and told them it would be a special picnic that day. They started out their morning drive by heading to the Pacific coast.  Here they spent a few hours playing and enjoying the surf.  After a few hours, they packed up and made the drive to the Atlantic Ocean shore.  His father looked down at him and said, “Son, today you have looked at the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean all in one day.  Not many people can say that.”

Paul has been in the pay day loan business for twenty two years. He went into business for himself on September 15th 1997. As the owner of Money in a Minute Pay Day Loans he knows that he is incredibly blessed. After his family left Panama when he was seven, they moved to Phoenix, AZ where his father retired from the Air Force and Paul later entered the Navy at the age of 17. After leaving the Navy Paul moved to Las Vegas, and later to northern Nevada to work in the mining industry before beginning his career in pay day loans.

Paul is thankful for the freedom and flexibility that owning his own business affords him.  He has used the blessings that he has been given in many ways throughout the community over the years. He has worked with the Summit Racetrack for several years, been a member of the local POW/MIA Association, and an extremely active volunteer for CADV/Harbor House for over 6 years. Pauls’ philosophy is “You gotta give back. You can’t take take take.  If you are in a position to do something for others you should.” 

In April, Paul took his commitment to the community further.  He will be donating a total of $25,000 to the Elko County Sheriff’s office Cadets program over the course of the next five years in the memory of Cody Waters. Cody was the son of former CADV Director Yvette Waters, and he was a passionate member of the Elko Sheriff’s office Cadets. He entered the Marine Corps after high school and served three tours in Iraq. Cody passed away after he returned home from his third deployment when he was only 27 years old in an automobile accident. Paul will be donating $5,000 dollars a year to the Cadet program each year for the next five years to honor Cody.

Paul’s generosity and kind spirit are as big as Apollo his beloved 114-pound Doberman that you may see if you ever stop by to see him at Money in a Minute, which we highly recommend you do. Our office could not thank Paul enough for everything he has done to be a Good Neighbor for those in our community.  He has also stepped up for two rounds of Quotes for Good and matched donations. Thank you Paul again from all of us! We appreciate all you do!

If you have someone you would like to nominate as a Good Neighbor please call our office at 775.738.3423 or email