Mindy Coulam – Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist

Contributed by Susanne Kaime Reese

Our neighbors can often amaze us. A wonderful example is a graduate of the New York School for Visual Arts, Mindy Coulam, a resident of Elko, Nevada.

As her art work develops, her creative talents excel in all media. And any project she tackles is always a creative success. Textiles, pastels, multimedia, graphic design, and watercolor are a few of her accomplishments.

Partnering with her husband Andy, a Scottish Engineering Geologist, Mindy designs and creates one of a kind jewelry.

The couple sources and prepares all of their semi precious gems, and are experts in cutting, polishing, silver-smithing, and wire wrap, creating beautiful artwork in each individual piece. They say: 

“their artistic inspiration is from transforming the endless beauty found in this Earth of ours.” 

They have traveled the world, lived in many environments and have learned from different perspectives the cultures and art of the world.