Painted Holiday Canister

Contributed by Tosha Kerby

Smooth Sided Mason Jars (pints or quarts)
Bunny Stencil
Paint (chalk paint or any acrylic paint will work)
Sponge Brush

Painted Holiday Canister Craft


Step 1 Pick your design. If you don’t have a way to cut the stencil and good “hack” is to print your design onto wax paper and then put painters tape on the back of it and cut out your design. 

Step 2 Clean and let your Mason Jar dry.

Step 3 Peel and stick your stencil to the jar where you would like it. You can get very creative and add more if you would like. Think different holidays different shapes even polka-dots.

Step 4 Paint the mason jar, and paint over the stencil you applied.

Step 5 Let dry and then remove the stencil.

Step 6 Add any accents to the top you wish. We used jute twin. We also added some paint to the top.

Step 7 Fill with desired candy! Or any other items you wish.

Step 8 Give the gift of a hand-made item to friends, family, co-workers, teachers or even a stranger. It puts a smile on there face!