Denim Discussions with Thaysha of Buckaroo Boutique

How do you preserve those favorite jeans of yours?  Did you know just the way you wash them can help to protect them?  Shopping for jeans can feel like such a task, there are so many styles and brands where do you even begin?
As spring approaches, how are you perfecting the perfect denim roll? 

These are just a few topics for our denim discussion this quarter. Each quarter we will discuss the dreaded denim word. Tips for finding and wearing the perfect jean.  

Washing your jeans. I have always washed my jeans, especially my nicer “going to town jeans” in colder water and inside out, this helps to prevent fading and they last longer. I always hang dry my jeans, still inside out. I have dogs and kids, so this prevents them from getting something on them while they are hanging to dry. If you like the soft feeling of your jeans being dried in the machine, set your dryer on the lowest heat setting and then remove the jeans before they are completely dry. Lay them flat or hang them upside down to finish drying. Drying denim gradually shrinks it and by hanging them to dry, you will preserve your jeans for a longer wearing lifetime.  

Shopping for your denim. I think this topic dreads us all the most. Jean sizes and lengths are not all consistent. If I ruled the world, we would have a standard sizing fit for all denim. But I don’t, so here’s a few things to keep in mind when jean shopping. A good pair of jeans can flatter your body, no matter your size or shape. Since we are all shaped differently, jeans don’t fit us all the same. Pocket placement on your back pockets is something you should always look at when trying jeans on. Pockets can change the shape of your body by the way they are placed on the jean. They can make you look wide, flat or saggy. If the pockets are placed right and have the right amount of stitching and color, they can really flatter your body. 

Jeans always have stretch. When trying on jeans, notice if they go on easy or not. If they do go on easy, then go down a size. You want our jeans to feel snug, not tight. 

The waist band should be snug. Try to fit two fingers down the back. If you can fit your whole hand, they are too loose. If only one or no fingers, they are too tight. 

– Remember – It’s not you, it’s the jean. Not all denim companies are created equally.

Denim, Shoes and Spring… 

The Small Roll
This roll is perfect for your skinny jeans. It creates a cute style for your flats and sandals. 

2-3 Roll
Have a pair of wide leg jeans or boyfriend style? You can roll them with 2-3 wide rolls to balance the width and create the perfect capri look. 

Cuffing for your booties
In our neck of the woods, we wear closed toe shoes longer than open toed. Showing off your boots and cuffing your jeans create a cute style this spring. 

The Flared Capri
These are hot this spring, but wearing them can be tricky, especially if you are short. They are cute with a shorter sandal or flip flop to give separation. Also, a cute pair of wedges or heels will give height to the look.