Contributed by Thaysha Groves, Buckaroo Boutique
“Forget the rules, if you like it wear it”

As we start to transition from cold weather to mildly cold weather, we find ourselves asking the most important question of all…what are we going to wear? 

What are the trends this season? What colors will we find as you are looking for those fun springtime outfits?  

If you haven’t noticed already, some of the styles and patterns we have been seeing lately are throw backs. The bell bottoms, the striped patterns in trousers, high waisted wide leg jean and let’s not forget the bell sleeves. As we move into our spring fashion season these trendy styles aren’t melting away with winter, they are here to stay. 

Some of the hot colors this Spring include blush pinks, reds and corals, blues of all shades, oranges and mustards. Some popular patterns this year will be snakeskin, camo and some patterns that seem to be hanging on are floral and leopard print. Whether we like it or not, gone are the days of not mixing patterns. Now you find florals and stripes on the same shirt! Embracing every trend is not for all of us, but don’t be afraid to try some of these new colors and styles. This season most of the colors are sure to flatter us all in some way. Stepping out of our comfort zone in fashion can be a challenge, chances are we have all been a little afraid to try a new trend or color. You don’t have to change your personal style to fit each trend either, simply adding a trend color or style to your already unique wardrobe can be fun and a way to show your creativity. Remember, fashion is a way to express ourselves to the world! 

1  |  Wide leg Capris. You won’t see the wide legs and the bells go away just because the jeans get shorter for the season. Just like the wide leg concept for the jeans, they are a style for every body type and don’t hug us as tight as our skinny jeans do. I can’t help but wonder that the first thought in any women’s mind that wants to try a pair would be, what kind of shoes do I wear with a flared capri? Well not much different from your other capris, any style heel bootie, sandal or a cute short sneaker.

2  |  Colors of the season…Neutrals will be popular! They have always been around, and are a great starting block for any outfit. You can add almost any color to a neutral to make the color pop and can also help to tone down a color.

3  |  Blush Jacket  Sign me up! I personally love jackets because they are good for any time of the year and can easily dress up an outfit. They can be worn with just about any shirt you like. They dress up a pair of skinny jeans or add to a springtime dress for the cool days! 

4  |  Kimonos and dusters may never go away! This style of layering gives us the added layer we may want not necessarily for warmth but for comfort. I know I have some unwanted winter snacking weight that hangs on even as winter fades away! It’s also a great way to dress up any jeans and top for a date night or fun evening out! And the myth that only tall girls can wear dusters is well…just a myth. If you are short and want to rock a duster, just tie the front corners to change the shape of the front or by wearing a pair of cute shoes with a slight heel will give you a little added height.

5  |  Mustard has been a strong color and it’s not going anywhere…this season anyway! It’s a bold color and not all of us can see ourselves wearing it but still may love the color. There are several ways to add the color to your wardrobe without actually wearing just mustard.  You can add a top layer such as a denim shirt or darker colored cardigan to separate the mustard color from your skin. Another way to add this great color is to wear shoes with mustard, mustard in a belt, carrying the color as clutch or mustard colored bottoms. This way you can still rock the color but feel comfortable in it. 

Just add a colorful cardigan! If you need a little change but don’t want to purchase an entire outfit, a fun cardigan with this seasons colors and jewelry can change up a shirt and jeans that you love to already wear. This also gives you another layering piece that we know we can wear year-round here in Northern Nevada!