Valentine’s Day – Contributed by Nicole Ball with Have a Ball Party Supply

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Considered by some to be a “Hallmark holiday”, it actually has its roots in the ancient Roman Empire. On February 14th, Romans honored the Goddess Juno, goddess of love and marriage, and would be followed by the Feast of Lupercalia on February 15th, honoring the Gods Lupercus and Faunus- the gods of plains and fields and shepherds. One custom of the feast was to pair young girls and boys for the duration of the feast, and sometimes for the entire year until the next feast, in hopes that the couple would fall in love and get married.

History aside, what is Valentine’s Day for the normal, everyday, non-feasting person? For me, it’s a chance to show my loved ones how much I love them through a frivolous gesture that I wouldn’t normally allow myself to make. Because, hey, I know you love your family each and every single day. But I also know that it’s not practical to send your wife or husband flowers and balloons and chocolates every day. And that’s why we choose THIS particular day to do it!

Valentine’s Day is a $20 billion dollar industry in the US 

(yes, we spend $20 billion on chocolate, flowers, balloons, jewelry, and dinner in a single day)! Here’s a few ways that you can make Valentine’s Day JUST as special without having to work 5 days of OT to pay for it!

– Take it back a notch. Your loved one will be super happy to have a beautiful candy bouquet with balloons delivered to work, and then a fabulous dinner at a local restaurant.

– I can’t stress DELIVERY enough! While your loving gesture is greatly appreciated, it’s appreciated so much more when it’s witnessed by their friends! I know it sounds slightly frivolous, but it’s true for most people (ok, women. It’s true for most women)

– Even your children love delivery!! Most schools are okay with special deliveries- check with your local school OR your local balloon shop or flower shop, because more than likely they know who they can or can’t deliver to!

– Don’t go overboard for the entire class of your little ones who are still in elementary school. Remember, they’re in a classroom of 20+ kids. Send your kid to school with a box of valentines and a bag of candy or a bag of erasers. That really adds up with 20 kids.

– Even more important than the things you buy for your loved ones- spend time with them. Make them feel special. Lessen the load a little. Be nice. Hug and kiss your loved ones. Every. Single. Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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