Rain Boot Chic – Contributed by Tina Ard – Shoegasms

When my boys were little tots they absolutely loved their yellow rain boots. They could put them on “all by myself”. They were comfortable, and they looked cute even if they weren’t wearing any pants. Little did I know that some years later I would be just as obsessed with rain boots.

When I lived in the Pacific Northwest I would wear my rainboots to work and then change into my shoes at the office. Now, there’s so many new colors, patterns and styles there no need for the extra pair of shoes in your car. Rainboots as everyday/any day boots has become a huge trend. Weather you are wearing them to be practical in rainy or slushy weather, or pairing them with a cute skirt on a sunny day, rainboots are now a acceptable out fit pairing. 

But, how did this trend take off? I think its thanks to fashion influencers, bloggers and celebrities. So many celebrities have been photographed at outdoor concerts such as Coachella wearing a rainboot with a boho styled outfit. Of course the practicality of stomping through the mud and slush without fear of ruining your foot wear, but celebs are pairing rainboots to make their outfits even more cuter. For instance the Lifetime show “Picker Sisters”. A show about two BFF’s who travel America in search rare relics for their swanky LA décor shop. In literally every episode the two effortlessly pair their denim cut offs with Wellies. I couldn’t help myself and had to start wearing this combo, and BOOM…..its my FAVORITE!

With the huge selection of colors, patterns and styles to choose from it has become possible to share your personality through your choice in rain boot. Sound silly? Lets try some examples:

Rainboot styles

Not only does the color and pattern let you express yourself but how who pair you rain boot says a lot as well. The outfit option are endless really. Any time you would reach for your brown or black tall boots reach for your vibrant, happy rain boots instead.

Skinny jeans and a basic tee shirt.   

Leggings with a oversized sweater or hoodie.

MY FAV! Cut off denim shorts a tank with a flowy cardigan or kimono.

Pencil skirt with a preppy sweater and statement necklace (super cute).

Major fashion brands have jumped on the rainboot train and have added their stamp. Such brands as Burberry with the coveted plaid rain boot. Available at Neiman Marcus.com for $410. Everyone’s favorite Wellie, the Hunter Rain Boot. As seen on countless bloggers and influencers Instragram feeds. Available at Hunterboots.com for $160 and up. For fun prints and a more reasonable price check out Kamik on Zappos.com starting at $50 or Target rain boots for $34 and up.

If a tall rainboot is not your style, no worries. Duck boots are equally adorable but come to just above your ankle. Duck boots bring a bit more sophisticated “LL Bean”  look to your outfit. They come in a two toned variation of black, tan, navy or green. Patterns are available as well. In fact the leopard print duck boots was this falls “unicorn” and almost still impossible to get your hands on.

If you are wanting to elevate the trend even more….literally, you can get a wedge or block heel style. These are so sassy. One boot in particular is the Joan of Artic wedge boot by Sorel. You cant stroll through Facebook or a fashion magazine with out seeing these cute wedge leather boots on a model. Get them at REI.com for around $240. Hunter boots also have wedge and block heeled options. The new Gloss Mid Heel Boot will be available this spring for $185. You can also find a version of the block heel rain boot and support a local small business by checking out Shoegasms. On facebook as Shoegasms VIPs or Instagram as Shopshoegasms. Their version is only $47.

So whether you are wanting a rain boot for the functionality of keeping your socks dry or to add a new fun and whimsical element to your everyday outfit, be assured the days of boring rainboots are behind us.