Lynne Kistler

Lynne Kistler dedicated her professional life to teaching focused on her love of art. Lynne believes that practicing your art and creativity improve brain function, focus, and the ability to see and remember details. She has researched this topic extensively, and can give you many such examples from her experience with her students.

She is proud to be a fifth generation Nevadan. Her work reflects that heritage. Lynne is a remarkable muralist and her painting of Southfork landscape is a featured artwork in the California Trail Interpretive Center.

Lynne earned both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Art Education from the University of Nevada-Reno. She is proficient in all media, but she especially enjoys watercolor painting and translating the colors of nature into her art. Ms. Kistler tells me nature is her constant source of inspiration.

Ask Lynne to describe her wonderful smoke paintings, layers of images created first with smoke and then with watercolor and multimedia. Smoke cannot be controlled, uniquely her invention, each painting is indeed a masterpiece.

Contributed by Susanne Reese

Elko County Art Club
407 Railroad St, Elko