The Elko Host Lion’s Club has began efforts to rebuild the 79-year-old historic Camp Lamoille Lodge. Donate on GoFundMe, and share that you did on your social media accounts. Every nickel counts.

The USFS district ranger, Josh Nicholes, stated that the USFS is “100% behind” efforts to rebuild the historic lodge.  It was originally designed by USFS architects, and built in 1939 using funds provided by philanthropist Max C. Fleischmann.

The Elko Host Lion’s Club has a GoFundMe page specifically for rebuilding the lodge and camp. All proceeds go directly to the project… GoFundMe is NOT collecting a service fee.

The re-build will happen in three phases. The club has a lot of fundraising to do to get even the first phase off the ground. So give.

From the ashes, we will rebuild Camp Lamoille.