Contributed by Dr. Todd Wendell of Ruby Mountain Chiropractic

Even regular chiropractic users often pooh-pooh the idea of periodic chiropractic checkups after symptoms subside with the classic, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” line.

This justification often results in a relapse into the original symptoms returning with a high probability of those symptoms worsening and new symptoms developing for countless patients.

How come?

Because deeper rooted structural problems, if left alone or not corrected back to a normal or near normal position, continue to abnormally load vital tissues like nerves and muscles they don’t have the opportunity to heal like a cut, infection or some other self-resolving health condition.

Addressing Long Lasting Problems

By the time spinal problems produce obvious symptoms, the problem has been there for some time—the science says even a decade or more. Yet often people feel like the symptom didn’t emerge until “last week, when I bent down to pick up the paper.”

Basic chiropractic care may produce symptomatic improvement in a matter of months, sometimes weeks. The patient is often delighted, but they have left the problem untouched. That’s why the original symptoms are likely to return. It’s hard to know when, but it’s almost always after some major physical, chemical or emotional stress. This can leave a patient confused and wondering if chiropractic care has to be forever. Thankfully, science has proven that deeper rooted structural problems can be changed back to a normal or at least near normal position finally taking pressure off all these vital areas and often providing the so desired long term relief that people search for. It takes a bit of time, and effort but that’s why people seek out care in our office. To find a deeper rooted problem and have an option to fix it to a near normal as possible position. True maintenance care can then be implemented because the problem was addressed not just the symptom.

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