Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist Patty Fox

Contributed by Susanne Reese, President & Gallery Director Elko County Art Club

Elko County Art Club Cooperative  |  407 Railroad Street, Elko, NV
775-753-8170  |

Patty Fox has been a respected professor of art at Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada for over 20 years. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and her Masters in Fine Arts at Utah State University. Her life’s work has been dedicated to educating students to discover their creative talents and to help them reach their artistic goals. Teaching is the key to her soul, sharing and developing relationships based on her artistic perceptions and the ability to share her ideas, talent, and techniques with others. In this manner, Patty has created a body of work that encompasses not only her world views, but also includes the inspiration and energy of those she has taught.

Her creative energy knows no bounds and she explores design, color, and technique in many mediums including quilting, ceramics, oil painting and printmaking. She has been captivated by watercolor medium and has created masterful work in that medium since the 1980’s. Patty feels art has given her the opportunity to make creativity a most important element of her life style and her pursuit of the perfect expression of beauty defines her art and her life.

“In my love of being out of doors, I have been able to enjoy an equestrian lifestyle which has led me to many adventures, sometimes combined with art and sometimes just the pure enjoyment of my animals. I like to combine the animals now in the landscape element because they are always there. Animals are nature and sometimes we miss them in the landscapes because they are so familiar.”

The timeless geography, landscapes, beauty, history and culture of Nevada is the inspiration for Patty Fox paintings. Capturing nature and wildlife in her art and images, is her natural response to the unique Northern Nevada high desert environment she lives in. She says, “I would like my work to be a diary of my life.”

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