Ignite your child’s entrepreneurial passions

Elko’s First Annual Children’s Business Fair
May 4  |  9:30-11:00am

Children's Business FairAre you continually amazed by your child’s tenacity, creativity, and vision?

Let them explore their inner-entrepreneur at Elko’s first annual Children’s Business Fair. The Children’s Business Fair will be held on Friday May 4, 2018, at the Northeastern Nevada Museum, Halleck Bar area, from 9:30am-11:00am. The Fair is hosted by Ruby Mountain Acton Academy, Paris Academy, Ikastola Lamoille, and Ardi Baltza. For more information, inspiration, and to apply to the Fair please visit childrensbusinessfair.org. The Children’s Business Fair will hold fifteen booths, each with a $10.00 booth fee.

All participants will receive a business plan to encourage our young entrepreneurs to set goals, understand costs and profit, have a marketing strategy, and help them gain confidence in their sales. The Children’s Business Fair was created by Acton Academy and has grown to be the largest entrepreneurial event for children in North America. Join us in supporting businesses launched entirely by the children of Elko!

An entrepreneur is said to be an “adventurer”. During the Children’s Business Fair it is our goal to celebrate the adventurer in each child. Allowing children to showcase their passions, ideas, and talents for their community will truly be an adventure. Learning to do and learning to be are two of the key elements of Acton Academy and of the Children’s Business Fair. Real world exhibitions with feedback by professionals are paramount in the learning process. We are also seeking volunteers to evaluate and provide constructive feedback to our young entrepreneurs.

Show the children of Elko you support them by coming to the first annual Elko Children’s Business Fair. You will be amazed, amused, and inspired by the passion of the participants. This event is free to the public and we hope to see you there! If you have any questions please visit childrensbusinessfair.org or contact Angie Heguy at 397-8788.

A special thank you to the entrepreneurs and small business owners of Elko for your hard work and support of the children of our community. For many, becoming an entrepreneur is about more than profits and money, it is a calling. Help your child find their calling, support their efforts to participate in Elko’s first annual Children’s Business Fair. Space is limited so please apply early. We know you will enjoy the Children’s Business Fair, please support businesses completely run by children.

Apply early, space is limited!
www.childrensbusinessfair.org  |  775-397-8788