Elko’s Gadget Guy – February Edition

Ski-Doo MXZ 600R E-Tec SnowmobileElko's Gadget Guy - Snowmobile
If Lamoille Canyon calls your name every winter you may consider the 2018 Ski-Doo MXZ 600R. Improved across the board with 125 hp, 600cc Rotax engine, you will be floating over and thru new powder this winter. A talked about 30 percent jump in throttle response over the prior generation will give you a quick response time when needed. Pair this with upgraded premium shocks, an improved track, and tighter steering as well as production in limited quantities and you have one desired machine. Better call Ship’s Cycle now.

///  Ski-Doo Snowmobile $14,000
Available at Ship’s Cycle


Elko's Gadget Guy - Yeti ChairYeti Hondo Base Camp Chair
So you know when Yeti throws anything into the market its going to be of high quality and well …. expensive! Their new version of your camp chair is no exception. The Hondo Basecamp chair can hold up to 5000 pounds (are we talking people or vehicles in the chair) and is made of UV resistant vinyl said to last a lifetime. They use the same rugged manufacturing techniques as Herman Miller, renowned office furniture manufacturer, so no doubt this will last. An optional accessory pouch hangs off a back rail yet no cup holder? C’mon, a company that makes cups will no doubt have to have an cup holder accessory soon… kinda silly and really expensive but your whole camp can sit in it at once!

///  Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair $299
Available at Yeti.com


ESP Expedition SledElko's Gadget Guy - ESP Sled
Are you ready for a sledding adventure for the whole family? All at once? All together? The ESP Expedition sled is a must have. Stack 4 children or 2 adults on this “beast” affectionately nicknamed. Then when not flying down the local snow hill you can use it to haul wood or materials. Rugged Polyurethane design and bungie cords are included in this arctic came designed sled of all time.

///  ESP Expedition Sled $79
Available at www.amazon.com


Elko's Gadget Guy - Earthroamer2018 Earthroamer XV-HD
So winter is a great time to evaluate your camping rig and gear and start planning for the late spring, summer and fall camping season. Now most of us will head down to see Jeff at Gateway RV and talk about the latest and greatest trailers to buy and enjoy this 2018 season and then…. there is that somebody that has an extra 1.5 million to buy a fully self contained, energy generating, jaw dropping, mountain climbing, luxury oozing Earth Roamer. This Colorado based company has been cranking out amazing off-road camping vehicles for over a decade and caters to that certain individual that wants it all. The list is too extensive for this section but if you need it and want it, it’s on it. Earth roamer is the ultimate gadget!

///  2018 Earthroamer $1,500,000
Available at www.earthroamer.com


Elko's Gadget Guy - Click and Grow FarmClick & Grow Smart Farm
Winter usually has garden enthusiasts down and out. That is until this massive indoor plant farm arrived. With a 288 plant capacity in a 16.5’ x 5.5’ frame this “farm” has a 3 level system with integrated water, light that keeps maintenance down to a couple hours every week. You will have fresh produce and herbs at your fingertips for the harvest all year round putting your growing habit to work during the coldest season.

///  Smart Farm $10,000
Available at www.clickandgrow.com


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