John McEntire

Carved Nevada Wonderstone
Elko County Art Club Cooperative  |  407 Railroad Street, Elko, NV  |  775-753-8170

John’s unique style of carving Nevada Wonderstone has developed throughout his life, and many years lived in Nevada. He credits his appreciation of Western Heritage to the hours he spent watching early Westerns on Television. He was fascinated by all cowboys, horses, and anything with a Western storyline. He began to whittle wooden cowboy figures, even before he was ten years old. His appreciation of ranching and farming communities, the tales of hardworking people and their lifestyles working with horses and livestock, shaped his impressions of the genre. John brings first-hand knowledge and love of Western Culture into his every work.

Discover carved Nevada Wonderstone at the Taber Building Gallery,
open Tuesday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.